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One of the greatest current challenges faced by small business owners is finding qualified employees. Yet three people are hired via LinkedIn every minute. Social media is a low-cost resource to finding your next employee, if you know how to utilize the platforms. Join Marketing Advisor, Daphné Leblanc, as she discusses overlooked technology-based recruiting tools that can help you fill your positions via social media.

In this webinar you will learn:

  • How to effectively promote your open positions and increase the visibility of your business on Facebook. 
  • Utilize how to use LinkedIn as a hiring resource. 
  • How a business can recruit on social media.
  • Learn how to hire using Twitter.
  • How to use your social media platforms to give your business a completive edge and attract an overflow of interested candidates. 

Register today to attend the webinar live or watch the replay, available after the webinar has concluded. 

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Program Speakers

Daphné Leblanc

Business Advisor, OneEastside SPARK