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Do you write social media posts? Emails? Thank-you cards? In an era of text-shorthand, Tweets, and “writing how we talk”, meaningful word selection to create syntax has deteriorated. Whether writing for persuasion, information, or expression, join us to relearn some of writing’s forgotten guidelines as well as some specific how-to’s which can immediately elevate your writing game to Boss Level.

In this webinar, learn how to:

  •  Stop minimizing the effect of “please” and “thank you”
  • Replace over-used words and phrases, such as the momentum-killing, “let me know”
  • Make employees and customers feel like your #1 priority

Learn best practices for results-driven writing that empowers your stakeholders to action.


In partnership with:

Program Speakers

Shawn Palmer

ASBC, MSML | Business Advisor, Washington Small Business Development Center

Kristina Hudson

CEO, OneRedmond and Founding Partner, OneEastside